Youth Development Centre - MURREE

PEEF is a proactive scholarship scheme which provides funds at the doorstep of the talented and deserving students. After attaining education, all these students are supposed to indulge themselves in practical life chores and so they also need to enhance their social skills side by side as well. To benefit high achievers, (PEEF scholars) in developing inter personal and capacity building skills through different trainings, PEEF initiated its training porgrammes from Youth Development Center (YDC) in October 2010. Designed goal and objectives of the programme are as under:


To transfer the knowledge and skills to youth at different geographic 'levels' and most importantly to improve their communication and presentation skills' effectiveness whereby they can act as leaders / role models for students at the very grass root level.


Keeping in view this goal, certain objectives are set for Youth Development Center and these are as under:-

  • To inculcate the leadership qualities and to amplify the personality of PEEF scholarship holders.
  • A batch of selected finalists would be groomed and trained for verbal communication skills.
  • A batch of selected finalists would be groomed and trained in written communication skills.
  • Top position holders will be selected from all over Punjab and they will be trained in professional skills in order to equip them with communication skills, personality development, leadership qualities, dining etiquettes etc. so that they can present themselves as ambassadors of Pakistan, when they go abroad to visit different educational institutions.
  • Selected position holders from each province would be given capacity building training.
  • The Provincial Youth Council (PYC) members would develop capacities in comprehending the government procedures and systems coupled with good governance and leadership training.
  • Teachers would be selected from all the districts as PEEF district focal persons. They would be trained to conduct trainings and development of PEEF scholars. These trainers will act as mentors for the PEEF scholars. Through this program the PEEF scholars would be able to get the guidance and mentoring in their home district instead of travelling to the other places.
  • YDC Training Programmes

    In academic year of 2019-20, YDC will provide life skills training to more than 1,000 students and teachers collectively. Participants include from all Boards of Intermediate and Secondary education of the Punjab and other provinces as well. Trainings shall undergo to improve the different aspects of personality, etiquettes, manners, morality etc.

  • High Achievers Development Programme
  • Foreign Orientation and personality development programme for students selected for PEEF Foreign Scholarships.
  • Provincial Youth Council (PYC) Development Programme
  • Training of Trainers (TOT) of selected teachers to facilitate District wise training of PEEF scholars
  • CM Essay Finalist Training
  • CM Debate Finalist Training
  • Capacity Building workshops for PEEF scholars
  • Inter Provincial Exchange Programme
  • Special capacity building programmes
  • Entrepreneurial Skills Development workshops
  • YDC Offers