Adnan Ali MS Information Technology, NUST

"My parents struggled so we could succeed"

I come from a family of five siblings. Our father is a farmer with limited means. It was always hard for my parents to make ends meet while trying to get us the best possible education within their means. I remember that the period right before the summer vacations was the hardest. The school charged advance fees for four months together. With five school going children, it totals twenty months of fees all at once. My parents always had great difficulty managing that, but they somehow did and they have our undying gratitude for that.

In Pakistan, most people have to struggle with financial troubles. My family was no exception, but our lives could have agreed to make compromises on our education and saved on our educational expenses.

I heard about PEEF's scholarship during my Bachelors, through a friend and started working harder to access a scholarship for my Masters. This effort not only helped me win the scholarship but also improved my grades significantly.

A Master's level education would not have been possible without PEEF scholarship since we had limited resources. This opportunity has helped me fulfil my ambitions. PEEF is indeed the best platform the Government of Punjab has established for hard workers to make their dreams come true.

Maria Ashraf BSc Industrial Engineering, PU

"PEEF's generous minority quota helped me succeed"

I am from a Christian family of six. We live in Lahore. My father runs a small shop. When we were younger, he was a labourer at a factory. My mother used to work in homes to earn extra for our studies. Growing up, we had to face financial difficulties since all of my siblings were studying and it was very strnuous to meet expenses. We went to school but paying school fees and provision of books and uniforms was always very difficult. For the same reason, I had to walk long distances reach school. Yet, this never became a hurdle in my hard work that helped me score well in my grade 10 exams.

I have received PEEF Minority Quota Scholarship and today I am studying Industrial Engineering at University of the Punjab which is one of the leading universities of Pakistan. .

My parents had to ensure studies of all of my siblings, so without PEEF's scholarship it would have become impossible for me to study further. With this scholarship not only I am able to continue my studies but my siblings too. I want to thank Chief Minister, Punjab for such a commendable initiative.

Muhammad Shoaib BSc Chemical Engineering,PU

"I didn't let physical adversity prevent me from succeeding".

I have polio and living with this disability can be very difficult, especially if you come from a family that is financially constrained. My father, a farmer, barely made enough income to support his five children. I attended a school far from home, with bare minimum facilities and every day was a challenge.

I was always told that my disability would prevent me from achieving my full potential. I wanted to prove everyone wrong and be successful in life. Despite my adversity, I preserved with my education. I was lucky enough to receive a four-year PEEF scholarship, which allowed me to complete my Bachelors in Engineering from Punjab University. I am grateful to Government of Punjab for providing me the PEEF Scholarship.Even though I come from a far flung village in Lodhran and live with a disability, I have been able to study at one of the best universities of Pakistan. Yet, I have had to face many difficulties over here too. Most of my classmates come from a better educational background and from developed areas. They had more exposure and experience of life than I had. I have had to work even harder to make up for the deficiency in my basic education.