Message From Vice Chairman PEEF

Dr. Muhammad Amjad Saqib

I am humbled to share that the Punjab Educational Endowment Fund (PEEF) has awarded more than 380,000 scholarships in a period of eleven years with an endowment fund of Rs 13.48 Billion. The transformative impact of PEEF is inspirational - not only has it provided financial assistance to deserving and talented students, it has equipped them as socioeconomic agents of change in their respective field.

The success of PEEF, under the leadership of its CEO Dr. Kamran Shams, is a testament of the vision of the Government of Punjab to develop human capital. The transparent operations of PEEF have garnered support of international donors, creating deeper opportunities for the beneficiaries.

I wish the team of PEEF good luck for the coming year and am sure; PEEF will continue to render its services for the betterment of Pakistan's education sector with a greater zeal and commitment.

Message From CEO PEEF

Dr. Kamran Shams

2020 marks a landmark achievement for PEEF. We have awarded more than 380,000 scholarship and transformed the lives of over 380,000 talented, persistent young boys and girls. These recipients were the most deserving students from less privileged section of society; they preserved to study hard amidst a variety of adversities, such as, income limitations, geographic locations, and physical disabilities. They traveled long distances to school, many of them worked after school to contribute to their family's income, a large number helped take care of elderly parents and younger siblings, and some gave up, only starting over again.

In the coming months, PEEF aspires to expand its endowment so that it can continue to improve its targeting and thus its scholarships. With help from generous partners, we hope that, in the coming years, we can meet our aspiration and transform the lives of millions of needy students across the country.