More than 200,000 scholarships and counting is a remarkable achievement that any similar endowment fund anywhere in the world can be proud of
21st Board of Directors Meeting. Cheif Minister Punjab apreciates PEEF's Performance.
Chief Minister thanked Vice Chairman PEEF Dr. Amjad Saqib, for making the program a success.
Chief Minister thanked CEO PEEF Dr. Kamran Shams, for making the program a success.
Group Photo of PEEF Scholars at NUST University Islamabad.
CM impress with PEEF's Performance.Expresses intent to enhance scholarship programme at BOD Meeting.
PEEF has awarded 200,000 scholarships worth more than PKR 11.5 Billion since its inception in 2008-09 Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif Chief Minister Punjab.
Skills Development workshops for Punjab Boards Toppers

PEEF Scholarships

PEEF is a proactive scholarship scheme which provides Scholarships at the doorstep of deserving students.

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DFID Scholarships

PEEF and DFID have signed MOU to provide 28,000 scholarships to the needy students.

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SSMS Scholarships

Shahbaz Sharif Merit Scholarship for PhD level education at the top 50 QS ranked universities of the world.

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PEEF Transparncy

PEEF is managed by PEEF used as educational training facility providing services to the PEEF scholars.

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Message From Chairman PEEFFacebook PageTwitter Page

Chief Minister, Punjab

Progress of countries in the 21st century would not be determined by their natural resources, but by their number of brilliant students pursuing higher education. Today's educational and skills related initiatives will pave the way for future prosperity , integrated social growth and maturity, the nation will experience in the coming years. Only the knowledge economies are going to be successful in future. It is the duty of a state to provide equal educational, employment and health opportunities to its people which will surely set their future course of economic and social prosperity. The Punjab Educational Endowment Fund is not merely an expenditure made by the Government of Punjab but an investment in talented youth for a bright future of Pakistan.

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Success Story of Dr Muhammad Bilal (MBBS)

Post Graduate Trainee at Mardan Medical Complex

I am from Mardan, grew up in a large family with seven siblings. My father is a government servant with limited resources. It was always hard for my parents to provide us a high quality education. I still remember studying in a school where even basic facilities were missing. It was difficult for my parents to pay the educational expenses for their children. To make all their efforts count, I increased my sense of responsibility, worked hard at school and in return, I was able to show better results during my Grade 12, which helped me to get admission in MBBS.

Although, I managed to secure admission in Ayub Medical College, Abbottabad; it was not less than impossible, thinking about the payment of fee and other expenses. I was under immense pressure and that badly affected my studies. Luckily, I was selected for PEEF scholarship through provincial quota for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and now I have completed my MBBS and doing Post Graduate training at Mardan Medical Complex.

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Voice of PEEF

PEEF NEWS (Latest Issue)

PEEF Newsletter is a quarterly publication of Publishing and Student Affairs Directorate , covering various events across the entire PEEF.

E- Newsletters

PEEF NEWS (Monthly Latest Issue)

PEEF E - Newsletters are monthly publication of Publishing and Student Affairs Directorate , covering various events across the entire PEEF.

Jama Punji Sarmayakari

YDC Up Coming Events

In the current Year 2016-2017 YDC will provide life skills training to more than 1,000 PEEF Scholars, students and teachers collectively. Participants include from all Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education of the Punjab. These trainings have been Structured to improve different aspects of personality, etiquettes, manners, morality etc and inculcate academic and professional skills of the participating scholars, students and teachers.

Latest News

SSMS PhD Level Scholarhips

SSMS PhD Level Scholarships for the year 2018-19

Career Opportunity

Career Opportunity - Cheif Executive Officer

Master Level Scholarships 2017

PEEF has announced Master Level Scholarships 2017.

SSMS Master Level Scholarships 2017

Shahbaz Sharif Merit Scholarships - Master Level Scholarships .

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