Pre Departure Training of PhD Scholars of CMMS Scholarship Programme 2017.
The PEEF and Overseas Pakistanis Foundation (OPF) have signed a MOU worth Rs. 30.00 million to award more than 732 scholarships to meritorious children of overseas Pakistanis registered with OPF
PEEF 7th Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on 30th November 2015 at PEEF Office
Prime Minister's Performance Delivery Unit
PEEF 28th Board of Directors meeting was held on 2nd May, 2018. Chairman PEEF, Justice (Retd.) Aamer Raza Khan presided over the meeting.
Skills Development workshops for Punjab Boards Toppers

PEEF Scholarships

PEEF is a proactive scholarship scheme which provides Scholarships at the doorstep of talented students of Punjab and other provinces, AJK, FATA, Gilgit Baltistan and ICT.

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DFID Scholarships

PEEF and DFID have signed MOUs to provide Intermediate level scholarships to girls students and Graduation level scholarships to needy and talented students of Punjab.

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CMMS Scholarships

The PEEF is providing Ph.D scholarships to students who get admission in Top 50 (QS ranked subject wise) universities of the world.

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AJK Scholarships

The purpose of the establishment of KEEF is to provide financial assistance / scholarships to needy and talented students of AJK to pursue higher level education.

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Message From Chairman PEEF

Justice (R) Aamer Raza Khan - Chairman PEEF

Punjab Government aligns its development agenda with the national and international obligations of Federal Government. Following its development agenda, priority should be given to Education, Health, Gender Equality and Reduction of Poverty. A sustained long-term growth requires governments to ensure all segments of the population have equitable access to quality education. PEEF aims to provide quality education to the most talented and needy students. Education is one of the most powerful instruments for reducing poverty and inequality and it sets the foundation for sustained economic growth. I am confident that the value added by PEEF will make enormous contribution in country's development.

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Voice of PEEF

PEEF NEWS (Latest Issue)

PEEF Newsletter is a quarterly publication of Publishing and Student Affairs Directorate , covering various events across the entire PEEF.

E- Newsletters

PEEF NEWS (Monthly Latest Issue)

PEEF E - Newsletters are monthly publication of Publishing and Student Affairs Directorate , covering various events across the entire PEEF.

Jama Punji Sarmayakari

YDC Up Coming Events

In the current Year 2019-2020 YDC will provide life skills training to more than 1,000 PEEF Scholars, students and teachers collectively. Participants include from all Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education of the Punjab. These trainings have been Structured to improve different aspects of personality, etiquettes, manners, morality etc and inculcate academic and professional skills of the participating scholars, students and teachers.

Latest News

PhD Foreign Scholarships 2020-2021

Cheif Minister Foreign Scholarships - PhD Foreign Scholarship

PEEF Special Quota Scholarships 2019

Download Secondary, Intermediate and Graduation Level Special Quota Scholarship Forms

AJK Scholarship Program

The PEEF – AJK scholarship program will, initially, be implemented within the geographical boundaries of AJK, comprising of ten (10) districts.

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