PEEF Alumni Association is a platform where all the pass out PEEF scholars are members and are part of the activities planned under the said platform for promoting the objectives of the association. All the members act as the ambassadors of PEEF and are invited in different events under the Alumni Association. It provides a great opportunity for all the PEEF scholars to keep in touch with the PEEF for all future times to come.

Mission Statement

To bring PEEF Alumni together on a platform where they can benefit the PEEF scholars and society through networking, mutual learning and philanthropic work.

Aims & Objectives
  • To inculcate leadership and management skills in current PEEF scholars so that they can go on to apply them in their careers.
  • To foster the sense of community between PEEF scholars and provide them with a platform to give back to their respective communities.
  • To collaborate with the management of PEEF in achieving its objectives.
  • To plan and implement projects for the collective benefit of PEEF alumni and current scholars.
  • To work for the integrity and solidarity of Pakistan and welfare of the nation
  • To promote social, cultural, educational and other such activities for strengthening the ties between PEEF and its alumni.
  • To provide a forum for its members to share their views and provide them an opportunity to contribute to their intellectual, physical and spiritual enrichment of PEEF.
  • To strengthen the feeling of amity, friendship and fraternity among its members and PEEF and promote their welfare.

All PEEF scholars who have completed their studies across either of the different levels (Matriculation till Post Graduation) since PEEF inception are eligible for PEEF Alumni Membership.

Membership Categories

Membership is classified into the following categories

Professional Category

All PEEF scholars who have completed graduation and above qualification as PEEF scholar are included in the professional category.

Student Category

All PEEF scholars who have completed education below graduation level are eligible to be included in this category. All PEEF Alumni members who are members in student category can get their membership elevated to professional category on completion of graduation.

Focal Person

Naeem Irshad Kayani
(Research Associate)

Contact Email